Kari Rives

This body of work was inspired by a concept I had explored as a still-life painter years ago. In my representations of objects, I had often considered the possibilities of their internal life, and part of my goal became to make these things appear alive: to animate the inanimate. While working on a particular painting, a pitcher seemed miserable in its housebound environment, and yearned to break free. I imagined the walls flying away one night, leaving this “pitcher”, now an amorphous shape, free to wander. After various adventures, some fearful or confusing, others celebratory and nurturing, this being eventually finds it’s soul mate and retires to the safety of a dwelling more appropriate to it’s true self.

I have made these pieces as wall-hangings, small environments, and large and small free-standing creations.Variously seen as birds, dogs, fruits or anything else, to me they are simple vessels for emotions. They are abstract, yet human in terms of the feelings they contain and the stance of their bodies. Each intends to express different combinations of emotions such as nostalgia, shame, fear, paranoia and elation…I hope they will be embraced, a desire shared by most of humanity.